Championnats modiaux de Precision Rifle 2023 en ITALIE

PRS 22

Vous avez une année pour vous préparer et participer aux compétitions qualificatives au championnat à venir

 Bientôt en corrèze, nous aurons une démonstration de cette discipline.


Italy 2023: The World Championships of PR22.
Following the unprecedented success of the inaugural World Championships of Precision Rifle we are now pleased to announce the first ever World Championships of Precision Rifle .22lr!
Italy will be the host nation of this global first for PR22, with the match taking place at Collazzone (PR) Umbria, 28 August to 3 September 2023.
Do you want to represent your country on the world stage of Precision Rifle?
Further details will be released in due course and we encourage all those interested to speak with their home associations and federations for local qualifying requirements.
We look forward to seeing you in Italy!
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